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2023 Tour: The Tempest

The Tour

  • 7pm on Sunday, 26 November – Christ’s College, Cambridge, England (preview) (tickets)
  • Sunday, 3 December – Centre Culturel, Coye-la-Foret, France (tickets)
  • Tuesday, 5 December – De Koelisse, Leuven, Belgium (for tickets, email
  • Thursday, 7 December – Gallus Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany (tickets)
  • Monday, 11 December – Gymnase de Burier, Montreux, Switzerland
  • Tuesday, 12 December – hedicke’s Terracotta, Konstanz, Germany (tickets)
  • Wednesday, 13 and Thursday 14 December – Gymnsium Lerbermatt, Bern, Switzerland
  • Saturday, 16 December – Hiberniaschool, Antwerp, Belgium (for tickets, email
  • Tuesday, 16 to Saturday, 20 January – ADC Theatre, Cambridge, England

Tickets will soon be on sale for our performances at Christ’s College and the ADC Theatre.

A tale of power, magic, betrayal, love, and redemption, The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and bewitching comedies. This enchanting story follows Prospero, a powerful sorcerer who was wrongfully stripped of her title and exiled to a remote island. With the help of spirits and monsters, Prospero conjures a tempest that brings her enemies to the island’s shores. As the storms of revenge fasten their grip, lovers embrace, fools plot murder, and Prospero holds the fate of all in her hands.

Our interpretation of this classic text invites the audience to re-imagine Prospero as a tortured artist, painting a tale of romance, political intrigue, and revenge through her magic. We see the world through Prospero’s eyes as she distorts reality to manipulate both the audience and the characters in the story. This production evokes expressionist art in both costume and set, reflecting how Prospero has subjectively moulded the spectacle, full of colour, music, and dance, that unfolds before us.