The Taming of the Shrew


In the heart of the Italian city of Padua, famed throughout the world for the prowess of its university, Lucentio, a new student from Pisa, arrives to commence his study of philosophy. When he sees Bianca, the beautiful and popular daughter of a rich businessman, he falls deeply in love at first sight. However, the lovers cannot be married as her father has sworn that she cannot wed until Katharina, her wild and rebellious older sister, has first made a match.

Out of the midst comes Petruchio, a boisterous noble, firm and strong, convinced that he is the man capable of 'taming' Padua's 'Shrew', Kate. Whilst he is strapping and sturdy he has no idea what he is up against when he confronts her in a constant power-shifting feisty romp crammed with sexual innuendo and outrageous flirtation. With her father's agreement, Petruchio commences his cruel training programme, starving, sexing and striking Kate in to apparent submission. Having met his match, a woman of immense passion and enormous character, he continues to curb her behaviour until she becomes 'the model wife', lecturing her peers on how to be dutiful.

Production Team

  • Tour Managemer — Bethan Furgeson
  • Business Manager — Toby Ross
  • Director — Alex Spencer-Jones
  • Technical Director — John Linford
  • Lighting designer — Flora Joll
  • Production Designer — Jenny Commin
  • Stage Manager — George Walkden
  • Publicist — Tizzy Faller
  • Welfare Manager — Herb Pearson
  • Cheif Electrician — Alex Brett
  • Technicians — Tom Aizlewood, Ed Griffin, Andrew Jefferson


  • Miles Bullock — Petrucio
  • Zara Tempest-Walters — Kate
  • Rebecca Pitt — Bianca
  • Will Featherstone — Lucentio
  • Rob Cummin —
  • Patrick Gleeson — Hortensio
  • Patrick Oldham — Gremio
  • Alex Finlay
  • Charlie Arrowsmith
  • Megan Prosser
  • Henry Elliot
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