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     The European Theatre Group, is a student-run theatrical company. Every year we organise a tour of European cities, from Paris to Prague, where we perform a Shakespeare play in English to a range of audiences.

     A typical tour consists of performances at twelve different venues, ranging from professional theatres to schools and universities, and even a converted bread oven. Many of these venues are attached to universities or schools providing an excellent educational opportunity for ETG to support the Shakespeare component within the respective English curricula.

     We travel complete with set, lights, costumes and technical crew, enabling us to be a self-sufficient company and to perform in such a variety of spaces. The tour happens just before Christmas, and lasts for around two and a half weeks. Each year, the company consists of approximately 25 people, half of which are actors the rest are technical and production team.

     Whether participating on the production, design or acting front, the tour is hard work, tiring and challenging. It is however, above all else, great fun and presents an experience that is not available elsewhere in Cambridge drama, or indeed outside Cambridge. Have a look at a typical day on tour or life on tour.

     In recent years, we have sometimes also produced a 'homeshow' in Cambridge, in late Spring. This has usually been a foreign language play – either in its original form or in translation, or some other production that furthers our European links and roots.


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